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Sleepywood Rustic Handcrafted Furniture
Gerald "Jerry" Smith
11692 Lee Highway
Sperryville, VA 22740

(540) 987-8266


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Welcome to Sleepywood Rustic Handcrafted Furniture

Nestled in the shadows of Shenandoah National Park is Sleepywood Rustic Handcrafted Furniture, named after the artist’s original homestead on Sleepy Creek Mountain and the spirit that is continually discovered "sleeping" in the wood. 

With quiet mind, you can hear silent yearnings from crowded saplings throughout the woods. The resident wood artist listens in the stillness, retrieves them and sets to work. Sensing their direction, he recreates them accordingly.
Each spirit emerges through the finished piece of furniture as if it had been there all along, sleeping in the wood. So unique are some of the resulting personalities that you might be tempted to believe that surely they get up and walk around when you depart.